Saturday, April 23, 2011

Golf - Answer for the Putting "Yips"

Choke down on the putter, depending on just how close you are. The idea is to fill your periferal vision with the put, and only the put. You  may want to choke ~1/3 way down the shaft length.
Today I had a ~3' to 3.5' birdie putt (for a bogey/double bogey golfer playing with 3 others). I wanted to save my putt (for ~last), and they started ~yelling "putt it, putt it". So, I 'instinctively' choked way down - to pleasantly find it MUCH EASIER to see both the line the ball should take, and the angle of the face of the putter - to make the putt! Then I made it easily!! No lie. THIS IS THE ANSWER FOR THE "YIPS". (Think about it.)

Defined: "Yips or the yips is an expression used to describe the apparent loss of certain fine motor skills seemingly without explanation in one of a number of different sports." ..."In golf, the yips is a movement disorder known to interfere with putting."

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Nick J. DeCandia, CPA
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