Friday, November 23, 2012


So - you see this 13 year-old on a singing competition, and she "belts it out" like there's no tomorrow & like she's been doing it 20+ years. Your first thought - "I'm such a loser" lol.  I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT - HERE'S WHY.  ~I'm sorry, but we're ALL "works in progress".  Unless you have every bit of knowledge** (there is in the Universe), every skill and have helped everyone else, in the universe attain the same, how are we not all - works in progress?! :)  So, given that, the question then becomes what would you like to "accomplish" (either as knowledge or skill, etc.)? Second, how would you like to get there? How much time (& energy) would you like to devote to that?  A few things to remember on this. First, you may think, "Oh, I'm too old to learn something new." Not the case. In fact, colleges find the older students make better students because they're both more serious and more diligent. And, when it comes to starting a business, the older person will make a better business owner - for similar reasons: a more serious and diligent business owner will not only serve their customers better, but they'll make better decisions (from a more learned perspective) to boot!

**P.S. When Studying Any New Material, Follow These 3 Basic Rules (Credit Scientology):
(1) Never go past a misunderstood word. [If you do, you won't understand the sentence...]
(2) If you come to a sentence that you understand each word/s, but the concept it's putting forth is "steep", go back over the sentence one or more times, until you get it.
(3) Finally, make sure you have enough examples of the material you're studying. This will help keep it real and meaningful. Otherwise, you'll end up "dead-bored", "exasperated" about it!

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Nick J. DeCandia, CPA
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