Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vitamins - Be Particular, No Matter What Age You Are

I suggest taking as little vitamins as possible - to keep you out of pain (like glucosamine for joints). This I believe will provide you the longest term survival (less stress on your liver...).

Vitamins - Be Particular, No Matter What Age You Are:
I don't know if you saw the study: ~20 year study, some thousands of people: ~1/2 taking vitamins, the other 1/2 not. Those taking vitamins didn't live as long, believe it or not. I have a theory herein. I believe those who took vitamins, really weren't as careful about how much vitamins they took...
Now, if you're 50 like I am, you'd better get used to takin' pills! lol  If you're younger, they can help too, but, do be particular. I do love my pill cutter!  (Yes, I take 1/2, 1/3, or even 1/4 of certain pills (like Multi-vitamin, Ginko, B-Complex and Vitamin C), at various times during the day (depending on what I feel I need, and what I'm heading to do!).
One way to know if you're taking too much or if your body is absorbing/using all of it - is via your urine color. If it's bright yellow, you're body didn't absorb all of what you gave it. If it's clear your body absorbed / needed all of what you gave it!!  So, quantity DOES MATTER, when it comes to vitamins. Note: I also take "plenty" of Glucosamine for knees / hips that are starting to "go" / talk to me - if I'm using them a lot. So, the study mentioned above was NOT particular about how much vitamins the participants, on that side of the study took. Be sure you are PARTICULAR!!

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